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Anonymous Asked :
Would you like me to not be anon? I mean most people dont really take time to get to know me they just kinda judge me from the way I acted in school which I did go to school with you..

If you want to come of anon, I wouldn’t mind. (:

Anonymous Asked :
You are perfect in like everyway and super beautiful I wish I knew you alot better because you are just that amazing however I am not...

Awwww, wow this is so sweet. Thank you! You sound pretty amazing to me even though youre just an anon right now…

I’m balling my eyes out and I need a hug. 

It’s funny cause I was getting over a guy when I met you, and just like you made me forget him- someone better will help me forget you. 


Drunk tumbling is the best tumbling 

For future reference, I don’t remember posting this but I can I get a round of applause for being fucking fantastic at typing when I’m shit faced?

You’re sorry? You miss me? You feel bad for what you did? Okay look pal, you walked all over me for 17 fucking months. You treated me like I was your inferior. You kept me wrapped around your pinky with no intentions of being faithful so you can go rot in the darkest and deepest parts of hell for all I fucking care. You’re NOTHING to me. You love me? Yeah? You said you loved me in January and then dumped me the day after valentines day. You said you loved me in march then dated my best friend. You said you loved me that summer then pushed me away to ‘protect me.’ You said you loved me in the fall then fucked a stripper while we were dating. You said you loved me a few months ago, and jesus fucking christ that was the best we’ve ever been for the longest. But no, here we are again. You decided you were going to push me away for the millionth time well you know what? I let you make me believe that I was less than human. That I didn’t deserve to be treated with compassion and love or AT LEAST a LITTLE fucking respect. Well, you fucked up. You really really screwed yourself this time babe. You pushed me SO far past my limit that there’s no coming back now because I may be beyond flawed but I try. I try so hard to be loving and caring to everyone, I give my heart out completely and with no hesitation and I deserve a MAN who will treat me right, not a little boy who wants to play games. Don’t come back. Do me a favor and just stop. Because you without me is a train wreck. You’re screwed without me. Who else is going to look past all the ugliness and love you for who you are? No one. Not a single person will go through all the shit I did for so long. You don’t fucking do that to someone you love. I’m so much better, happier, healthier without you. You’re fucking toxic and I’m done. For the first time in 17 months, I’m learning to stand on my own two feet. For once in 17 months, you’re not holding me down.